Free public online charter school

Open to K-12 Florida resident students statewide

Candidate for accreditation with NCA CASI, NWAC, and SACS CASI

10-month, 180-day academic calendar that includes breaks and holidays

Attend remotely from any location

Self-paced online courses

Full-time enrollment and part-time credit recovery

Variety of academic programs and pathways

Edgenuity is the Virtual Instruction Provider (VIP) and school curriculum

Curriculum meets Florida graduation requirements

Courses aligned to Florida State Standards

Accommodations for ESE and Section 504 students

Course content available in different languages for ELL students

Grades K-5 students complete age-appropriate, engaging lessons with access to tools that support learning including text to speech, audio and translation, text and picture dictionaries, and more

Grades K-6 students participate in asynchronous and synchronous learning with access to certified teachers

Grades K-6 teachers provide weekly instructional input in real-time with direct interaction between the teacher and students

Grades 7-12 students participate in asynchronous learning with access to certified teachers

Independent digital practices help grades 6-12 students master skills so they can move on to more complex concepts

Electives support students with relevant, hands-on activities to explore interests and address important life skills

CTE and Dual Enrollment Programs

Lottery Process 

Florida law requires charter schools to admit students via a random selection process or lottery when the number of applications exceeds capacity. Enrollment is open on a first come, first-serve basis, until the number of applications exceeds the capacity of the program, class, grade level or building. Once capacity has been reached, students wishing to enroll will be subject to a lottery selection per Florida Statutes. Prior to conducting a lottery, enrollment preference may be given to:

  • students who are siblings of a student enrolled in the charter school,
  • students who are the children of a member of the governing board of the charter school,
  • students who are the children of an employee of the charter school,
  • students who have been in a Pre-K program in The Padawan Academy and/or who have siblings of The Padawan Academy and,
  • students who are the children of active-duty members of any branch of the armed forces.

Should a lottery be necessary San Jose Primary will publish the dates of the upcoming lottery. The lottery will be conducted randomly and electronically. Families of students on the waitlist will be notified within 48 business hours of the lottery as to whether their student was randomly chosen for a spot based on the lottery or whether they remain on the waitlist. The school will continue to fill spots, as they become available, from the students who are on the waitlist. New applications will be added to the bottom of the waitlist.

  • (904) 750-5355





San Jose Cyber: Effective Communication
Sometimes you may have questions about your child’s class and want to speak to someone about it.

The chart lays out the appropriate communication steps for reaching out to school staff. Following this communication protocols will be the best way to resolve any concerns.

Some reminders:
- Online classwork concerns should always be addressed with the teacher first, not
administration. The teacher has first-hand knowledge of what is happening in class. The
teacher can give the most accurate information in a more timely manner.
- Anytime you want to set up a conference, email
San Jose Cyber is here to work with families for the success of each student

San Jose Cyber_ Effective Communication